all that and rent is due

olive andrews

art by Djemima Segar

blood is thicker than cherry cola


open the window a bit. enough for a little shiver but don’t freeze the radiator. there’s a ray of sun but it’s hiding. i always miss the pink hours, until i’m driving down bayswater, and at every stop sign I turn my head a little bit and catch that deep maroon cloud over the oranges and yellows and vibrantvibrantvibrant pinks screaming FUCK in my corolla and no one hears. so now i’m thinking about the raspberry smirnoff ice i drank at that basement party, when sharing booze was our white flag and i could finally put my head on your shoulder like i dreamt about for five hundred and twenty five thousand four hundred seventy four minutes of the year 2k14. the other one hundred and twenty six is us on this futon. and now raspberry smirnoff ice is red wine, too dark. but i like this maroon cloud resting over the sunset. the pink hours i always miss. the pink sweater i thrifted in high school, stained with blood. valentine’s day. your skin in the cold, your lip when it bleeds, blush. don’t shut the window. fuck the radiator.


sunday series




“we should just enjoy

these times


we are content

and nothing hurts”


then the jar of honey


against the side

of the bus



siri what was that bop?


saying fuck like ffffUCK

for effect


prying blood clot from pubic hair



thinking abt lying on gf’s kitchen floor

hearing that song for the first time




safe sane and consensual


if i’m talking too much

shove steel wool in my mouth.

make my gums bleed.

make it kinky.

i’m not sure, but i think he’s smiling


nights like tonight the sky is white instead of


 from snow or cloud or dandruff or spun sugar


It’s only worth looking out the car window when condensation turns stoplights


drops of food colouring in a glass of water

 and you’re listening to carly rae jepsen


someone’s draped a big plastic sheet over the space in the wall

now the papers on the bulletin board don’t dance


the man in the suit takes twelve confident steps forward


turns around and runs

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