PT. 4:


Precious Things


Interview with Nirrimi Firebrace


Chloe Arnold


Brad Golding

Nirrimi Firebrace is a 23 year old photographer from Australia. Aside from using photography to capture little moments of her life, she also writes and keeps a blog where she spills her heart. Nirrimi is a mother to a beautiful four year old, Alba Joy Firebrace.

JESSIA: What is an authentic life to you?


NIRRIMI: Being the director of your own life.

How do you feel about using photography as a medium to capture moments of your life? Do you fear that it might compromise on you being fully present in that moment?


It’s a wonderful tool for storytelling. Sometimes the moment feels bigger than me, like more good will come out of it being captured than being savoured. Sometimes I leave my camera at home.

What is your favourite photo, out of the ones you have taken?


A photograph of my daughter and my lover asleep. It’s like my whole entire world is contained in that single image.

You gave birth to a beautiful daughter at the age of nineteen. What is the most precious thing raising Alba has taught you?


To be a good human being. Simple but profound. I’ve never grown so much as I have in the few years she’s been in my life.

Is life about the small things? Or is it about the bigger picture?


It’s about both. The big picture has me writing goals and plans, the big picture has me dreaming. But aren’t those small things just the sweetest? The feeling of a hot mug of tea in my palms, the bursting bud of a flower, the curls in my daughter’s hair, the bruises on my legs from adventures, the smell of rain.

Photos by Nirrimi Firebrace. For more of Nirrimi's work, check out her blog and portfolio.

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