Plasma Dolphin is a semiannual art publication. We release one online and one print issue a year. Our first print issue is currently available for you to get here!


Plasma has developed an ideology and tone that we carry through each issue, and in everything we do and create. As a publication we are interested in creating issues that are made up of weird, intense, gorgeous and strong work that is created by the artist specifically for our theme and concept.


In terms of the type of work we are looking for, Plasma is focused on specificities. We want to explore the threads and nets of the world, concepts that are large and vast, through detail and personal experiences. Political and cultural commentary is essential to this, but we are not interested in large generalities - we’re interested in your particular experience within a larger phenomena. What you were eating when you met someone for the first time. How you liked the way someone’s hair was braided in a film you watched and the way that light hit it. Your specific breed of pain, hurt, rejection, joy. And this by no means has to be non-fiction, but your work (fictional or nonfictional, abstract or concrete) should be a direct result of the way you filter the world. The nuance of your experience. We’re interested in the details, the tiny specks, the creases and birthmarks and pinpricks that are explicit to you and the way you process things. This idea of smallness, intimacy and specificity is threaded through every piece in every issue, and pierces right at the heart of Plasma. In each issue, we try to create a visual and textual experience for the reader that is comprised from the details our contributors pour into their pieces which then knot together to be ruminated on, and hopefully make you think and feel in a large way.



Plasma was founded by Emma Cohen and Sonja Katanic in 2013 and the two co-workers and pals continue to edit this site today.


We are based in Toronto, Canada, but we have contributors from all over the world. You can read more about the people who contribute right here on this page!


If you are interested in being part of the Plasma Team, you can click here to find out more on how to contribute.


Thanks to Sasha Gordon for the cover of the print issue, Sonja Katanic, Siobhan Schmidt and Rory MacKinnon  respectively for the photos used on our home page. Thanks to Lucas for being our guru in everything, always. Thanks to Bishop who continues to watch over us + got this thing kickin' in the first place.




Is a writer and editor living between Montreal and Toronto who has given up the pursuit of stasis in favour of perpetually outgrowing herself. For now, this is where to find her.



is an eccentrically dressed and lactose intolerant virgo. she likes movies and WILL one day marry harry styles.  this is where to find her + her drawings.


is a girl residing in Toronto who makes art from time to time while eating pasta and rewatching gilmore girls. 4 inquiries: nataliaorasanin@gmail.com


is a Toronto based filmmaker and visual artist whose favorite time of day is Golden Hour. Find her on instagram.

Victory N-Ekeoma

is a Nigerian-Irish nomad & jill of all trades living in Glasgow. Find her on insta.

Angie Quick

is known for her large oil paintings which explore flesh in a historical and contemporaneous manner. Her practice experiments with the nature of language and sensation within both a visual and performative context. find her at www.angievquick.com  and instagram

Siobhan Schmidt

is an illustrator based in Toronto, come chat with her on instagram

Frankie Barnet

is the author of An Indoor Kind of Girl (Metatron, 2016) and a current MFA candidate at Syracuse University.

Jada White

is a 18 year old photographer and writer from Toronto. Find her on Instagram.

Bianca Huang

is a Toronto gal who can talk your ear off about film. Bianca dreams of working in the film industry in distribution/acquisitions/production/anything that will let her breathe celluloid in hopes to bring diverse narratives to a theatre near you! Twitter & Instagram

Sasha Gordon

is a 19 year old artist from the suburbs of New York, currently a sophomore at Rhode Island School of Design. As a biracial femme, she focuses her recent art on issues of race, confusion of identity, the significance of the female body, empowering POC women, sexuality and mental illness.

Camila Frater

 is a 17 year old artist currently living in Toronto. Find her on instagram.

Grace Rogers

 is a student in NYC who likes seeing art, (over)analyzing pop culture, and talking about what she learned in a podcast.

Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies is a writer flailing around Toronto. You can find them on most social media at @rachelcomplains and their clips at racheldavies.xyz.

Hayley Adams

is a  19 yr old film student that tends to sit in coffee shops, capture moments on 35mm film & watch re-runs of Seinfeld. Find her at hayleyelizabethadam.tumblr.com

Olivia Hamilton

is Nashville-based writer and music person. You can find her at olivia-hamilton.com

Isaiah Steinberg aka Bad Child

is a multi media artist based out of Toronto currently working on his art, & finalizing his debut album.

Maia Boakye

is a designer, illustrator and poet studying visual art and architecture at the University of Toronto.

Celeste Cares

lives in Guelph Ontario and likes art of all kinds. She'll be returning to Halifax in August for her second year at NSCAD University. Find her on Instagram.

Katie Morton

is an artist who loves to share bright colours and bold figures with bright and bold people.  Find her on instagram.


Spends time making collages, eating peanut butter and listening to bad early 00's pop.

Jessica Bebenek

is a writer, textile artist, and witch practicing on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka land (Montreal). Find her at her website and on instagram.


A gal called zoe, a womanist from London England, a lover of poetry, writing and thrift shopping just trying to make it in the world through the arts. You can learn more about me/see more of my work on my blog x x


is a being in downtown T.O. whose trying to live like sunshine and create like love I'm here or here.

Aida is a writer, student, and pop culture enthusiast from London. She is currently seeking advice on how to get over Rami Malek. All suggestions welcome here.



I study business and I enjoy taking photographs, someday I hope to combine the two. Check out some of my photos here.


Find him here.


Hi, my name is Wil Brask, my pronouns are Ze/Hir or They/Them. I am a queer illustrator based in Toronto and currently studying at OCADU. I enjoy sitting by the ocean, plants, going out dancing, and “vaporwave” music. My medium of choice is pen and ink or mixed media. find me here or here.


Artist/illustrator/mum from London. Follow her on instagram and twitter.


I’m a twenty year old RTA student at Ryerson University who loves slicking the city, pitching a tent, taking photos (digital + film), making movies, listening to good tunes, cheering for the Raptors, drinking coffee and watching nathan for you. The crux of my passions lie in the love I have for telling real stories.  find me here, here and here.


Tara’s an illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. You can check out some of her pieces here.


English student @ Michigan State. Founder of the quentin dorito fanclub as well as the internet sensation #getmygirlsinstem. I do not know what I am doing.


Shelby is a writer and radio producer from Perth, Western Australia. You can find her on twitter.


Céline is an 18-year-old Canadian and French artist who makes films, takes photos, and writes. She is usually thrift shopping  binge watching Netflix, or creating content for different zines, magazines, sites, art shows, or interning for Ramona Magazine for Girls. You can find her on Instagram  and more of her work on her website.





Cia is a nerd from London whose only firm belief is that having fun is never hard when you’ve got a library card. At any given moment, she is either writing when she should be doing something else or debating something entirely useless. She loves Zadie Smith a little too much.



Just a lady coming out of the depths of suburban Ontario constantly dreaming about being almost anywhere else. She spends a dangerous amount of time contemplating how to introduce herself, reading really boring articles about art, and listening to punk music. While she specializes in nothing, but dabbles in everything, her friends occasionally convince her to share it with people. If you're interested in reading about her adventures you can check out her blog.


Claire is a writer and student based in Berlin. She has also written for Tongue Tied Magazine, Inky Writers Mag, Ology Journal, and her personal blog. One time, she won $5 on a scratch ticket. This is her website.


I do graphic design, illustration and photography work and you can find me on instagram or on tumblr. I also love dogs and french fries.


Lives in Toronto. You can find her on Instagram.


I'm a Spanish illustrator and graphic design student who lives for cheerleader films, trashy music festivals and going on feminist rants.

You can find me on instagram.


Emily is a 19-year-old clinging to her teenage-hood who writes for Rookie and Shameless magazine as well as editing/directing Iconoclast Collective. She writes poetry and plays in her spare time and enjoys making her peers listen to her feelings through these thinly veiled tactics. She is also currently going through a Fleetwood Mac stage. You can find her on twitter and instagram.


Big baby existing in toronto....regretting not going to art school. Eat your trail mix, drink your aloe vera, and use your oxford commas! I illustrate, make flicks, take pics! find me on instagram.


Genevieve is a college student from suburban Ohio who loves pie and hates humblebrag.Catch her living life here.


Jill enjoys long walks through the craft store, dismantling the patriarchy and gluten free pizza. find her on instagram.


is a writer who tweets @3_2_1_nothanks


Diyana writes about music, fashion, and identity politics for her multimedia blog/in sporadic bursts on Twitter, as well as freelancing for Noisey, Vice, and other websites. Alongside being a director of Iconoclast, Diyana is a stylist and writer at Volta Magazine. She is also interested in photography, and spends a lot of time stressing about creating well-curated 3 photo rows on Instagram.


Indonesian photo taker and occasional writer. Avid movie and song repeater. Currently learning German to hopefully live there one day. find her on Instagram.


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